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"In 1840, a Bexar County surveyor, named John James, ventured north of San Antonio into the Texas Hill Country and found what would eventually become the city of Boerne. This land was aesthetically beautiful, had a much cooler climate than the hot and flat San Antonio, and provided an abundance of water flowing through the Cibolo Creek.

The town was named “Boerne” after a German author and publicist, Karl Ludwig Börne, who had written much about the promising new territory.

The initial growth in Boerne was slow, but it became known for being a retreat with its healthy restorative properties and beautiful scenery.

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Image credit: City of Boerne

By the turn of the century, Boerne had 800 citizens and was booming. Boerne residents voted to incorporate in 1909 and established a mayor-alderman form of city government. Also in that year they established the Boerne Independent School District. The city continued to grow with the introduction of electricity and automobiles" (source: City of Boerne).

Today, more than 18,000 Texans proudly call the city of Boerne home and another 26,000+ reside in surrounding Kendall County (source: U.S. Census Bureau). What draws them here? Boerne's top-rated schools, vibrant downtown district, family-friendly community activities, scenic beauty, and its proximity to the larger cities of San Antonio & Austin. And what keeps them here? Without a doubt, it's the small-town charm, traditions, and friendly atmosphere. 

Learn more about Boerne and a few of its current-day treasures below. Then, get in touch with us or your preferred Realtor to discuss if Boerne may be the next right move for you! 

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